Leonard Cohen Affair


There is no doubt that Leonard Cohen has earned a rightful place in the Tower of Song. His songs have become a part of our modern song treasures. Therefore there are multitudes of musicians and singers who play his music. Many make exciting versions but few can convey the master’s aura, his presence and spirit.

Gary Snider is a man who is cetainly comes close close. His background and appearanceis uncanningly similar to Leonard’s. Both were born in Canada into Jewish families with succesful clothing businesses. Both had loving and musical mothers and fathers who died prematurely. Their deep yearning for a creative and free life lead them to musical careers outside of Canada. Gary has been a professional musician in Denmark for almost 40 years. He has now found a ‘mission’ presenting Leonard’s music and giving audiences insights into the man and his art.

‘It started with a Flirt…’

In the beginning of 2016, Gary Snider began working on personal versions of Leonard Cohen‘s most well known and loved songs. These efforts became a show including new and old material. Explanation of songs and stories from Leonard’s life and career play an important role. As with all things that grow, the show has evolved into something new : an intimate love affair with Leonard’s legacy.

Since Leonard’s death in November 2016, the show has taken on another dimension. Gary has said: “It feels like an honorful duty to continue to give life to Leonard’s legacy. I will do my utmost to be worthy of this task“. 

 ‘Not just a Copy’

It is not Gary’s intention to be a copy. He is not Leonard and does not want to be. But his appearance, skill and admiration can take a listener to that magic place that Leonard has created for and in them. “I view myself as a cross between a musician, actor and midwife. My purpose is to give continued life to Leonard’s work and pay homage to him and people who love him and his music.”

Leonard Cohen Affair is now Gary with backing singers Katrine Hald and Connie Pilgaard Nielsen, drummer Tom Lindby and Kurt Frimodt on keyboards.